Graduates of Centurus Colleges will thus emerge as fully-rounded individuals, moulded by each College’s ethos and opportunities.

Vision & Mission

The Centurus Colleges Mission is to provide a dynamic and progressive education for all pupils who respect individual needs, and embrace diversity and change in pursuit of academic, sporting and cultural excellence, whilst providing social and leadership skills and nurturing spiritual growth. This is possible due to our dynamic, happy learning environments, supported by a Christian-based value system, graduates of Centurus Colleges are able to reach their full potential and emerge as well-balanced, productive individuals and uphold the vision of creating dynamic, independent leaders for a global society. We strive to live our lives according to the values of: integrity; humility; compassion; and courage in service to our community and country.

Schools of Excellence

Centurus Colleges is a family of three combined schools: Pecanwood College, Southdowns College and Tyger Valley College which are all located in the greater Pretoria area. The three independent, co-educational schools offer teaching and learning excellence to children from the ages of three to eighteen – in the pre-preparatory, preparatory and high school phases. This means that pupils enjoy continuous, sequential schooling for fifteen years – the extent of their school careers on one campus and with a common ethos. Graduates of Centurus Colleges will thus emerge as fully-rounded individuals, moulded by each College’s ethos and opportunities.

Dynamic level of education and interaction

The Centurus Colleges group operates from Grade 000 to Grade 12 in all our schools and has a highly qualified staff that facilitate a dynamic level of education and interaction with the pupils by bringing together exceptional resources in education and provide exciting, value-added components in the curriculum through the company’s four specialised pillars:

• academic and learning enrichment
• sports coaching and performance
• environmental education
• visual and performing arts

Ethos of the Schools

The ethos of the Centurus College schools is to adhere to a value system based on Christian principles. We run a multicultural, inclusive curriculum which caters for all children, irrespective of their origins, in a caring, positive learning environment. Our colleges emphasise academic excellence and a rigorous learning programme, based on the demanding IEB (Independent Education Board) system, whilst following a three term academic year. There is a balanced, challenging programme of sport and the creative arts with high levels of achievement in local and international competition. We encourage the achievement of a grade 12 pass rate of one hundred percent with graduate students achieving outstanding results at university and other tertiary studies. The group has a strong dedicated compliment of outstanding teachers and attract a happy, motivated group of pupils who enjoy their schooling and support each other unconditionally.

The enrolment team at each of the Centurus Colleges schools is available to take you on a tour of the school to meet the staff and our pupils. If your son or daughter would like to attend the school for a day this can be arranged.