Academic Enrichment Centre

Specialised learning support programme.


  • Assessment of referred learners to ensure that possible difficulties/differences are identified and learning progress is monitored
  • Implementation of tailor-made programmes/accommodations aimed at improving and /or supporting identified difficulties related to learning, perception, thinking, attention, social, behavioural and/or emotional aspects.
  • Working with an on-site multi-disciplinary team consisting of speech therapists, occupational therapists, learning support teachers and educational psychologists. This should promote effective communication between the various role players.
  • Early identification and follow-up intervention geared towards minimizing possible future difficulties.
  • Individualised and group-facilitated remediation to bridge mathematics, spelling, reading and/or language delays.
  • Study methods and test taking skills offered individually and annually from Grade 4-11.
  • Career guidance and subject choice assessments for Grade 9 learners.
  • School readiness assessments for all Grade 0 learners
  • Optional programme for gifted students to promote enrichment.
  • Parental guidance and support
  • Providing in-service training to staff members to promote effective teaching techniques aimed at understanding and accommodating learners who learn differently.