IZZI Trust Outreach

    Izitini Zolwazi – or the Izzi Trust

    A registered Section 18A children’s charity whose philosophy centres on empowerment through education.  Our three main areas of activity are: providing bursaries for financially disadvantaged children; running outreach programmes at underprivileged schools and creches; and encouraging and facilitating environmental, cultural and academic events that bring together children from our country’s many different economic and social groups.

    We carry out this work through our three outreach arms, Pecanwood College based at the Hartbeespoort Dam in NW, Southdowns College based in Centurion, and Tyger Valley Educational College based in Pretoria East.

    Bursary Programmes to the Centurus Colleges

    One of Africa’s greatest needs is that of strong leadership.  We believe that leaders are cultivated from a young age.  However, youths with the basic ingredients of intelligence and drive will become leaders only if they receive a solid education.

    Independent schools in our country, afforded by the financial elite, attract the best teachers and offer world-class facilities and a range of extra mural activities, ingredients critical to developing a well-rounded individual.  These schools chart a path of excellence, adopting cutting-edge trends.  Independent schools cater for about two percent of the country’s 12 million learners, and the majority of these are white.  Deracialisation of our schooling system has become a priority for government and educators alike.

    In partnership with the private and corporate sector, the Izzi Trust provides 29 fully funded bursaries to the three Centurus Colleges for learners who are restricted for financial reasons. Bursaries are awarded on merit following a responsible selection process.  This project allows the Colleges to strengthen the bonds between the privileged and less privileged, and improve the basic levels of education in the communities we serve.

    Community Based Programmes

    The Izzi Trust believes strongly in pulling together the many strands that make up our country’s social fabric, and we work to involve all children in our environmental and cultural projects regardless of colour or creed.  The three Centurus Colleges and the seven outreach schools join together in numerous activities throughout the year, from litter collection to entrepreneur days, from providing blankets in freezing winters to trips to cultural events.  All the learners involved gain tremendously from this interaction, and we are proud of the lasting friendships that have been formed this way.

    For more information regarding our bursary or outreach programmes or if you would like to assist us in any way, please contact Frith Wesley on083 4667386 or 012 6651147 or email frith@izzitrust.co.za or visit the website on www.izzitrust.co.za