Time Maths Institute

A commitment to working on Mathematics regularly is effective in ensuring success

What We Offer

During the academic day, the TIME staff works closely with the TVC staff to enhance the planning and methodology used to implement the curriculum. After school, extra maths lessons are provided at very competitive rates (see Fees). These extra lessons fall within two categories: Intensive Programmes and Workshops.

The Intensive Programme

Pupils receive reinforcement and revision of the curriculum in groups of no more than four. “Difficult sections” as well as “test-like questions” are the focus of these sessions and workbooks are provided by the institute. The Intensive Programme sessions are 1 hour in length for grades 7-9 while grades 10-12 have a 1 hour and 30 minutes session per week. Furthermore, the pupils are to be registered with an international online maths programme (which is aligned to the South African curriculum) which enables pupils to do additional practice both at the institute and at home.



Workshops are revision sessions that are scheduled according to when maths tests are to be written. The purpose of these sessions is to ensure that the pupils are as prepared as possible for an upcoming test by focussing on the specific skills that are to be tested. These sessions are to consist of no more than ten pupils who want to improve their maths “fitness”. Workshops are most likely to be scheduled during the evening. Keep an eye out for the announcement of when they will take place.